”Unconventional Oil & EOR Russia Forum: 3-4 December 2014”

Unconventional Oil & EOR Russia Forum: 3-4 December 2014
Focus Day: 2 December 2014

• Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow

Message by organizers for  Dr Myllyla:

Adam Smith Conferences are pleased to share with you the programme for the 2nd international conference “UNCONVENTIONAL OIL & EOR IN RUSSIA”. We invite you to join this high-profile gathering of the most innovative oil industry professionals Register Now to book your place at an event that will set the blueprint for development of the unconventional oil industry!

Visit www.unconventional-oil-russia.com to view the detailed programme and read the latest updates.


”Arctech has built two arctic offshore supply vessels for Sovcomflot. The order was received in December 2010. The first vessel of the series, NB 506 Vitus Bering was delivered to the client in December 2012 and it has reached its destination in March 2013. The main purpose for these vessels is to supply the Arkutun-Dagi oil and gas production platform and to protect it from the ice.” Photo: Yrjö Myllylä, Text source: Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, Helsinki, www.arctech.fi.

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