”Unconventional Gas & Oil Summit 2014 in London 2-4 June 2014”

”UGOS is the event to get valuable first-hand information on the European shale gas development before it gets published.”

Mikhail KorchemkinManaging DirectorEast European Gas Analysis
The 3rd Annual
Unconventional Gas & Oil Summit
2 – 4 June 2014, Grand Connaught Rooms, London, UK.

From marketing e-mail for Yrjö Myllylä (please see more above mentioned link):

  • Take a look at this year’s agenda now which explores strategies for unconventional developments, including commercial, technical, regulatory and environmental management.
  • You’ll be able to join 15+ international operators looking at investing in unconventional developments and exploring geology, and can network and exchange knowledge with them in 8 new meeting formats. UGOS has the largest speaker faculty of any unconventionals event, with 50+ practitioners, think thanks, operators, environmental groups and service providers on the line-up to give you a thorough update on all aspects of this sector.”
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