Let’s look at new innovation ”Sideways Icebraker” made in co-opreration Finnish-Russian

Let’s look at new innovation made in co-opreration Finnish-Russian


Source of picture: Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

In the gCapatin article by By Mike Schuler:

“Sideways” Icebreaker Launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard:

An innovative and somewhat strange new icebreaking multipurpose emergency and rescue vessel has been launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard.

The new vessel, named “Baltika”, features an asymmetric hull, with a patented oblique design and three 360 degree rotating propulsors, which allow the vessel to operate efficiently sideways, astern and ahead. In oblique mode the vessel will be able to generate a 50m wide channel in 0.6 m thick ice. Bow and stern first the vessel can operate in 1.0 m thick ice.

The Baltika will be used in icebreaking, rescue and oil response and recovery operations in the Gulf of Finland and is being built for the Russian Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport.

The design of the vessel is based on ARC 100 concept, which has been developed by Aker Arctic Technology.

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See original press release by Arctech Helsinki Shipyard:

The Icebreaking Multipurpose Emergency and Rescue Vessel “BALTIKA” was launched at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard

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