Migliore: ”Experience Drilling Waste and Polluted Soil in a New Light!”

Migliore Company, presentation

Source: http://www.migliore.fi/ :

Experience Drilling Waste and Polluted Soil in a New Light!

Our MTS Technology is to set new standards in waste management business. This new innovative clean technology solution is specially designed for environmentally conscious companies.

We believe that nature and technology can live together. There is no going back in time. Technology and industry are here to stay. We also recognize the vulnerability of the planet and therefore have created a viable technology to help to preserve the earth green for the generations to come.

The oil and gas sector is our primary target.

Migliore’s MTS System is to set new parameters in form and function for the global oil & gas waste management infrastructure. With its large capacity and energy-efficient method the MTS System not only neutralizes large quantities of hazardous waste but also converts it into commercially reusable, non-leachable ecological material.”

More about company:  http://www.migliore.fi/

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