”Arctic Logistics” III International Conference in Murmansk 9.4.2013


Murmansk City and Murmansk Commercial Sea Port 10.4.2013. Picture Yrjö Myllylä.

Murmansk City and Murmansk Commercial Sea Port 10.4.2013. Picture Yrjö Myllylä.

Murmanshelf,  Association of suppliers for oil-and-gaz industry:

On the 9th of April the III international conference ”Arctic Logistics” was held”

Lecture material : http://www.murmanshelf-conf.ru/en/node/104.

Linkistä http://en.murmanshelf.ru/ löytyy seuraava konferenssi-info / Conference info in link:

”The organizer of the conference was the Association Murmanshelf, the co-organizers were the Ministry of Economic Development and the Minsitry of Transport and Road Facilities of Murmansk Region supported by the Government of Murmansk Region.

The issues under disscussion were related to the development of international cooperation in the Arctic,the increase of competitiveness of regional enterprises on condition of Russia’s WTO membership, the role of the Northern Sea Route in the system of transnational transportation and the complex development of the coastal infrastructure, shipbuilding and ship repair.

Special attention was paid to the theme of ecological safety in the logistics operations in the Arctic.

167 representatives from companies and organizations from Russia, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, France, Germany took part in the conference.

The Governor of Murmansk Region Marina Kovtun took the floor with a welcome speech in front of the participants. She stressed that the scope of the conference and the participation of our foreign partners and colleagues reveals the interest in the Arctic and Murmansk Region once again.

The representatives of Rostransmodernization, Atomflot, INTSOK,Tschudi Shipping Company, Murmansk Shipping Company, Witteveen+Bos Russia, Gazflot, Oktyabrskaya Railway, Wageningen University, 35 shipyard, Murmansk Marine Biological Institute, Baltic BASU, IS-Systems, Murmansk Center of Standardization and Metrology, Ecological Center, KMT-Service and others presented their reports all of which were a success.”


Project chief Yrjö Myllylä was participant in Conference.

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