”The Story of Icebrakers”, a topical new book

”RAAKAA VOIMAA – Brute force: The Story of Icebrakers”, is a topical new book by Ari Turunen. See more at http://www.finlit.fi/fili/en/authors/turunen-ari/ :

Ari Turunen (2012). “Brute force: The story of icebreakers”. , 174 pp., 4-colour illustrations. Atena.

Rights: Cultural Cooperation Vehrä www.vehra.fi

Brute force is an impressively written, lavishly illustrated book about icebreaker ships. It introduces the reader to icebreakers from Finland and other countries and tells about the history of icebreaking equipment.

The Baltic Sea is the most heavily traversed sea area in the world. A wintertime visit to an ice-enclosed Finnish, Swedish or Estonian harbour is an unforgettable experience. Maritime traffic is kept running smoothly by the world’s largest fleet of icebreakers. In the depths of winter, over 20 sea-going icebreaker ships are at work on the Baltic, logging over 8,000 operations annually.

There are over 60 ports in Finland, all of which may freeze over in winter. To safeguard commercial shipping, the ports have to be kept open, and that work is done with icebreakers. Finland has become a global superpower in icebreakers. Today, sixty percent of all the icebreaker ships in the world are built in Finland.

This book, which is written in a style accessible to the layperson, covers the milestones in the development of icebreaking technology. Many innovations in the shipbuilding industry have their origins in the specialised area of icebreakers. The world’s largest, most luxurious cruise ships berth using 360-degree azimuth thruster propellers, which were originally developed for icebreakers. The development of technology used in icebreakers, from thousand-horsepower steam-driven icebreakers to modern icebreaking vessels that can go through two-metre-thick polar ice, has required great engineering ingenuity.

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